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Mega Amino 500tab BioTechUSA

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  • Containing amino acids from different types of amino acid sources
  • 5050 mg of amino acids per serving
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  • Containing amino acids from different types of amino acid sources
  • 5050 mg of amino acids per serving


One of the main components of our cells is protein and amino acids are building blocks of proteins. We know 20 different amino acids. There are 9 types of essential amino acids, which are fundamental for the human body, however they cannot be produced by it. For this reason, it’s crucial to ensure an optimal amount of them from external sources.

Conditionally essential amino acids, such as L-glutamine, L-arginine or L-tyrosine can be produced by the human body, but under certain circumstances, for example during an intense and long training their supplementation can be useful, too. In these cases, our bodies may require more amino acids, then it produces.

Like all BioTechUSA products Mega Amino consists of only safe and carefully selected ingredients.


  • if you prefer dietary supplements in a tablet form

In one serving (2×4 tablets):

  • 5050 mg of amino acids

Packaging: 100 tablets (12 serv.), 300 tablets (37serv.), 500 tablets (62serv.)



Предупредувања: Не употребувајте ако сте алергични на било која од додатоците. Немојте да употребувате ако сте бремени или негувате. Не ја надминува препорачаната дневна доза. Додатоците во исхраната не треба да се користат како замена за разновидна и добро балансирана исхрана. Се препорачува урамнотежена исхрана и здрав начин на живот. Чувајте го на суво и ладно место. Да се чува подалеку од мали деца. Заштита од директна сончева светлина и замрзнување.