OmegaPRO Yamamoto Nutrition 20caps

350 ден

Fish oil in purified and concentrated triglyceride form
5-star IFOS™ certification
Intake of EPA: 2234mg and DHA: 916mg, per dose
Cardiac function
Maintenance of normal blood triglyceride levels
Maintenance of normal brain function and normal vision
Gluten free
Lactose free

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Yamamoto® Nutrition OmegaPRO is a food supplement based on concentrated fish oil suitable for adults and rich in 5-star IFOS certified Omega-3 fatty acids.


OmegaPRO certified 5 stars IFOS is the reference product in the market of Omega 3 derived from fish oil.


It is fish oil in purified and concentrated triglyceride form certified 5 stars IFOS which provides per dose (4 softgels) well:

Concentrated fish oil 4,000 mg
of which EPA 2234 mg
of which DHA 916 mg


What is fish oil? And where does it come from?
Fish oil is an oil rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids obtained from fatty fish such as sardines, mackerel and salmon.
Its production process requires two essential steps: the extraction of the oil from the starting material and its purification.


What is fish oil purified from?
In addition to Omega-3 fatty acids, it contains a variable amount of compounds, such as hydrocarbons, long-chain alcohols, waxes and esters that can affect the properties of fish oil.
Purification eliminates all unwanted substances, but must ensure that the desired components are not damaged.
The final product is a concentrated source of long-chain Omega-3 fatty acids to provide high dosages of EPA and DHA.


What does it mean in triglyceride form?
Fish oil with Omega 3 is available in two types: from triglycerides or from ethyl esters.
Fish oil with triglycerides is in its natural form and has a much higher bioavailability than Omega 3 from ethyl esters.
This means that EPA and DHA in fish oil with triglycerides can be absorbed in greater quantities and used by the body than they can in fish oil with ethyl esters.
One study showed that Omega 3s in the form of triglycerides have 71% greater absorption than those with ethyl esters.
Another study found that free fatty acids were absorbed 400% better than ethyl esters.
In addition, fish oil with ethyl esters oxidizes more quickly and more easily than fish oil with triglycerides.


What does IFOS ™ certification mean?
The best known Quality Certification is the one represented by the IFOS (International Fish Oil Standards)IFOS is the abbreviation for International Fish Oil Standards. IFOS is essentially an analysis protocol issued by an independent body (Nutrasource Diagnostic inc.) Based at the University of Guelph in Canada, which has the most expensive and advanced technologies necessary to test the quality of Omega 3s.


Based on the results of the analyzes, IFOS assigns a quality score to Omega 3 and publishes the results of the tests conducted in its laboratories in its database (consumer reports).
To date, there are hundreds of Omega 3 supplements available on the market, but very few have IFOS certification. OmegaPRO 240 softgels by Yamamoto Nutrition is on in the categories health and wellness, Omega 3 6 9, fish oil. The IFOS certification is therefore synonymous with absolute quality, at the top of the category.


We can all check in the database of the International Fish Oil Standards if the brand of the supplement we are interested in is present or not and in particular if the production batch of the omega 3 package we are about to buy is present.
If the batch of Omega 3 in question is present in the IFOS website database, we can be sure that we have purchased a supplement, pure, uncontaminated, without any risk to our health.




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