Multi-Gym inSPORTline Phanton

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Despite its sturdiness, the Multi-Gym inSPORTline Phanton was designed for creative training even in confined spaces.

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Despite its sturdiness, the Multi-Gym inSPORTline Phanton was designed for creative training even in confined spaces. The solid frame, high-quality cables and durable surface coating make sure this multi-gym will not let you down. There is an electronic exercise counter for the stair stepper, bench and the upper and lower pulley. The seat is adjustable both vertically and horizontally, allowing you to exercise comfortably and in an ergonomic position. Extra strength is transferred through the pulley system. The Multi-Gym inSPORTline Phanton is recommended for hotel, club and home use.


Technical description:

  • Sturdy steel frame with covered weights
  • Ergonomic padding and adjustable backrest made of synthetic leather (middle part can be adjusted to 3 positions)
  • Horizontally and vertically adjustable seat (2 positions)
  • Electroplated surface
  • Made of 50 x 50 mm steel tubes
  • Reinforced fiberglass pulleys with industrial bearings
  • Cables made of coiled aircraft steel with highly durable vinyl surface
  • Multi-purpose electronic counter for stair stepper, bench and upper and lower pulley
  • Weights: 65 kg with high strength transfer (7 x 3.62kg (8 lbs.), 7 x 4.53kg (10 lbs.), 1 x 8kg fixed weight)
  • Depending on the space available to you, you can place the stair stepper and parallel bar behind the rest of the equipment or on the right or left side (L-shaped assembly)
  • Maximum user height: 195cm
  • Base dimensions: L 230cm x W 85cm x H 215cm
  • Space necessary for fully assembled multi-gym: L 264cm x W 130cm x H 215cm
  • L-shaped base dimensions: L 198cm x W 130cm x H 215cm
  • Space necessary for multi-gym assembled in L-shape: L 228cm x W 163cm x H 215cm
  • Weight: 165.5kg
  • Weight limit: 150kg
  • Stair stepper weight limit: 120kg
  • Category HC (EN 957)

Exercises available on Multi-Gym inSPORTline Phanton:

  • Biomechanical linear movement provided by the patented design with a wide range of adjustment options
  • Stair stepper with adjustable resistance
  • Parallel bars for dips and intense ab exercises
  • Butterfly station for chest muscle exercises (as well as rhomboid muscle exercises)
  • Bench presses
  • Multi-press
  • Cables for rowing simulation
  • Thighs, calves and glutes exercises (pulls)
  • Upper back pulley (both in front of and behind body)
  • Lower pulley exercises (pulling up or vertically)
  • Rowing simulation
  • Leg curls

Strength transfer index according to TÜV/GS standards:

  • Butterfly: 1:1.55
  • Bench presses: 1:1.68
  • Upper back pulley: 1:1.3
  • Leg curls: 1:2

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